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The committee of Elephant Boots Productions.

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Founding Director of Elephant Boots.

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Founding Director of Elephant Boots.

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Founding Director of Elephant Boots.



Elephant Boots Productions is a not-for-profit organisation established to encourage artistic and theatrical development. The company aims to contribute to the development and growth of artists and their art-form, increasing their profitability and sustainability into the future. Many industries rely on developmental support to create something new, and the arts are no different. Artistic endeavour also needs a good business model to reach a state of profitability. The combination of artistic and business support is what sets Elephant Boots apart from grant programs – rather than just provide funding, Elephant Boots endeavours to assist to develop the product and the artist. As an independently funded organisation the company has the freedom to consider any potential project for support at any time. Elephant Boots will assess potential projects for originality, viability and potential for growth; providing accepted projects with support tailored to their needs: business or artistic mentoring and support, opportunities to present their work and/or financial investment.



Your project should be an original work; something new and different that isn't already being done by someone else. A unique offering has the greatest potential to contribute to the artistic culture of a community, and help the artist to find and develop a niche in the market. We also recognise that, in comparison with familiar and proven concepts, new ideas can experience more of a struggle to find support.


Your project should be a financially viable concept. You might need some seed-money to get started, but in the long-run we need to see that your project will become self-supporting, and has potential to become artist-supporting too. Elephants Boots is focused on supporting artists to develop and become self-sufficient. While a project may have significant artistic merit, it also needs to be viable in order to have a future. In business terms, this is known as Product-to-Market Fit: you must be able to produce a product that the market wants at a price that they are willing to pay, otherwise the product is not sustainable.


Your project should have potential for reiteration and expansion, or at least provide you, as the artist, with a platform from which to develop further projects. We need to see that your project will lead to something more, and that our investment will see returns over time.


Elephant Boots Productions is based in Brisbane (QLD, Australia). 

Our primary focus is to support local artists; however, we would hope to see them grow beyond the borders of South East Queensland taking projects to regional centres, interstate and overseas.



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You can apply for support any time. There are no funding rounds or application cut-off dates. We do recommend that you contact us with plenty of time before you launch your Project, as our support may be most useful in the development and planning stages. Please also keep in mind that Elephant Boots Productions is a not-for-profit organisation operated by volunteers, so it may takes us some time to get back to you once you submit a request for support.

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If you have a creative concept, project or idea we’d love to hear from you. Elephant Boots doesn’t have a formal application process; just contact us to discuss your project.

You will need to provide a concept brief for your project which will be considered by representatives of the company in due course. 
Your project brief should address: who, what, why, where and when – the basics of your project; the potential for future development and growth; a draft budget; and what kind of support you are seeking.

Use the Contact Us form for more information or to send through your ideas.